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Dear colleagues!

The annual SPRES conference preparation is launched

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The XX International Scientific&Technical Conference “Solutions & Prospects of Recent Electric power infrastructure of telecoms development Strategy” (SPRES-2019) annually held  according under Russian Federal Telecom Agency event schedule with International Telecom Academy support is to proceed in Saint Petersburg, June 2019

Conference mission is to organize a discussion on new technical policy issues and telecom power infrastructure development strategies. New technologies, equipment and solutions are to be presented. The SPRES conference main topics are

  1. New regulations and rules overview
  2. Power saving technologies. Equipment exploitation security issues
  3. Interoperation with Power supply companies and official regulating institutions
  4. Power equipment of telecom enterprises exploitation practice
  5. New equipment and solutions for telecom facilities
  6. Data centres engineering infrastructures
  7. Overvoltage and pulse interference protection
  8. Equipment manufacturing in land localisation
  9. Panel discussion